Compliance or engagement what does a modern day knowledge worker need?

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Compliance is for Motivation 2.0 , Carrot Stick method of motivation so prevalent and successful in the factory environment. This kind of risk and reward method of energizing employees stimulates mundane , routine bound work and kills creativity. The modern day knowledge worker needs engagement and not compliance to unleash creative…

“Carrot and Stick” method of motivation and its drawbacks

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The following are major drawbacks of Motivation 2.0 i.e. Carrot and Stick Motivation. We are intrinsically motivated purpose maxi misers rather than extrinsically motivated It is not in line with the knowledge worker concept of 21st century economics Modern day work is increasingly becoming more creative , interesting and self directed.…

What is the kind of work that is generally outsourced?

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Routine bound work that involves following certain instructions can be outsourced. This is the kind of work that needs monitoring since it is dreary and workers are bound to lose interest after some point of time. For this kind of work mainly the “left brain” working of the human brain is…

Societies as computer operating systems

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Societies also have operating systems like computers. The laws , social customs , economic arrangements that we encounter each day sit on top of a layer of instructions , protocols about how the world works. And much of our societal operating systems consist of assumptions about human behavior. Adopted from Daniel…

Motivation 3.0 explains the existence of a L3C company

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A L3C company or low-profit limited liability company (L3C) is a legal form of business entity in the United States for-profit, social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income For details please refer to the following link on Wikipedia. Creation of these companies bears ample testimony to…

How to make “Carrot and Stick” motivation work for right brain work

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Right brain work needs autonomy , mastery and sense of purpose and hence “Carrot and Stick” or Motivation 2.0 methods of motivation can be detrimental and lead to adverse impact. Rewards via Motivation 2.0 seek compliance in terms of IF-THEN REWARDS kind of a mechanism. If we change this to a…

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