Are you a Gen X Millenial?This is why you should be MINDFUL of INSTANT GRATIFICATION..


Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek

Modern day instant gratification seems very luring for a Gen X millennial.

In the past ordering a gift and physically receiving it used to take time.Nowadays order something from Amazon and you immediately receive the product.

For watching a blockbuster movie one had to wait for a long while.Nowadays Netflix , enable instant gratification.

Even for that matter making friends is so easy courtesy social media e.g. Facebook.

Though instant gratification is something the human race is proud about , this has given rise to a bunch of side effects which are indeed very harmful.

Not getting something instantly can lead to depression , anger and hence the number of suicidal cases , mental ill health cases are on the rise for a modern day millennial.

Though often overlooked , is a serious topic to reflect on.

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