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Finite mindset works against our natural abilities

Pile on Motivation

Motivation 2.0 is a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive to explain the Carrot and Stick method of motivation so prevalent and successful in the age of Industrial Revolution.

The rationale was very simple : “Reward desired behavior and results to get more of that , Punish undesired behavior and results to instill fear in the minds of people to avoid the same in due course of time.”

During the age of the factory model i.e. Industry model this Motivation 2.0 worked wonders since work mostly used to be dreary , routine bound , adhering to set of instructions.

For any left brain oriented work where creativity is the last thing expected , where compliance is most sought after , this method works wonders.

But at the same time , human brain is oriented to oppose and sort of fear or punishment and hence such kind of…

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