The Infinite game needs more “Type I” players


Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game talks about business and life as both Infinite Games where the rules are not defined , the players are unknown and the time is unlimited.

In both business as well as life , there is nothing like “Winning” or “Losing”.There is only “Ahead” or “Behind”.

Needlessly to say players in an infinite game need to think of the long term and need to possess an infinite mindset.

Daniel Pink in his book Drive categorizes such people who are intrinsically motivated towards a JUST CAUSE as “Type I” or intrinsically motivated personalities.Being intrinsically motivated makes these people use autonomy and mastery to work towards a vision or a JUST CAUSE rather than working for money i.e. short term winning.

Hence the infinite game of life needs adoption of a mindset similar to that of “Type I” personalities.

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