Motivation 2.0 encourages a finite mindset


Motivation 2.0 or Carrot and Stick method of motivating people , is a new term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive.

This kind of motivational method works for dreary , mundane , routine bound work which is bereft of any creativity.

The IF-THEN lure of rewards promised as part of this technique often encourage people to indulge in unethical practices and short term mindset in order to meet the targets.Narrowed focus and a temporary shot of dopamine leads to an even more finite minded mentality that kills creativity and long term vision.

Hence in modern day knowledge worker age where creativity and innovation form the foundation of innovation based organizations , this kind of a technique hardly works.

Needed are Motivation 3.0 based intrinsic motivation techniques that bring out the creative genius in people.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

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