How Milton Freidman’s “shareholder primacy” led to a finite mindset


In the 1970’s the Noble winning economist named Milton Freidman put forward his views around “shareholder supremacy” and changed the meaning of capitalism inside out.

According to him a business and its owners should operate with the sole aim of making profit to maximise the value of its shareholders.The views expressed by the economist has taken centre stage in the world of business from the 1980’s.

To promote shareholder value , business leaders worldwide developed a short sighted finite mindset radically different from the infinite mindset of business owners prior to 1980’s.In this age businesses operated to maximise value of employees resulting in a win-win for the organization.

These views have been put forward by Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” to make the audience aware of the need of possessing an infinite mindset in the infinite game of business.

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