Why we should know the working of the brain – A primer


Reading and understanding iconic books like Start with Why, Find your why by Simon Sinek, Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry, Talk like TED by Carmine Gallo would go a long way in helping understand the very complex human brain.

Neo cortex is the part of brain that helps us in rational thinking while limbic brain is responsible for emotions. Limbic brain is something we have inherited from the time of apes and neocortex is the more recent or new brain that separates humans from other animals.

Neo cortex helps us perform complex calculations whereas limbic brain can only understand cues or signals.

Gut feelings that we have are from limbic part of the brain.

Within the limbic brain there are three parts that are mention worthy.

Hippocampus is the small part that helps in long term memory.Hence any message to be made memorable must target the hippocampus of theā€¦

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