How is “social media addiction” similar to “alcoholism”


The human brain is very complex.

There are several important neuro transmitters associated with ebb and flow of various emotions.

Modern day social media addiction is reaching enormous proportions.More than ever before we are having cases of depression , unhappiness and suicidal cases.

There is a neurotransmitter named “dopamine” associated with sudden flow of positive “quick fix” emotions.

The “likes” , “good comments” , pseudo status of having large number of connections get us more and more addicted to social media and results in the flow of the addictive beuro transmitter named “dopamine”.This kind of addiction is very similar to the excitement felt by alcoholics , drug addicts on consumption of these addictive narcotic substances.

Tbe flipside is that in the absence of lines , connections on social media we feel left out and highly depressed resulting in the flow of the stress chemical named “cortisol“.This…

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